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Medical Support


  • Case Management
  • This is a big one! It’s quickly becoming the largest business unit and most profitable.
  • 24/7
  • Physician to Physician Collaboration.
  • Improved Pricing Structure.
  • New Technology. (See power point with automated finger touching phone application)
  • Proprietary Software to ensure easy customer access yet maintain patient privacy.
  • See Axiom website: https://www.axiomllc.com/
  • Consulting
  • See above description under Preparation & Planning/Consulting.
  • Our physicians have conducted more than 20,000 remote health care consultations ranging from heart attacks, to strokes, to work related injuries.
  • Telemedicine (Duplicated)
  • Less than one minute physician response times.
  • Minimal bandwidth.
  • Proprietary solutions.
  • Saves Lives
  • Aubrey Tyler case study and letter?
  • Mobile Clinics (Duplicated)
  • Video of mobile clinic.
  • Post-Employment Health
  • See clinic description above and sample websites:
  • Nova: https://n-o-v-a.com/
  • Concentra: https://www.concentra.com/