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About XstremeMD

XstremeMD was founded in 2009 by a group of Emergency Medicine physicians with over 120 years of experience. Having practiced Emergency Medicine along the Gulf of Mexico’s central coast line, they saw the effects of delayed health care, first hand.


Thinking they could make a difference, they set out to prove to the world they could make a difference.

XstremeMD is now regarded as the leading experts in the specialty of Remote Health Care and most importantly, XstremeMD has saved numerous lives which would have otherwise been lost had it not been for their services.

Company Profile

  • Privately held
  • 120+ experts of Remote Health Care employed
  • 400+ customers
  • 70,000+ remote patient evaluations

"Illness and injuries are unpredictable. With the solutions we have today, patients who previously had limited access to definitive health care now have the same, and often better, access to life saving health care as you or I"

Joseph Pearson MD, CEO XstremeMD